Project Management

The Pos Mis, Inc. team uses its core capabilities in organizational management and structured methodologies to strategically plan, execute and complete projects within budget and on schedule. We provide services to the  private and public sector in a variety of industries, including: Higher Education, Medical,  Construction and General Business. 


Our Focus

Managing schedules, budgets and deliverables.
Quality management processes and procedures.
Provide documented customer satisfaction and continual quality service through Quarterly Business Reviews, CPAR’s and/or Customer Satisfaction Surveys.


Inventory Management

 We manage over 15,000 sq. ft of storeroom operations with over $1 million in inventory for our major clients with stockroom facilities. 


Our Focus:

Conduct inventories and replenish the stock based on minimums and maximums.
Conduct cycle count to evade inventory discrepancies.
Disperse products to walk-in customers and those who purchase via internal online ordering system.
Provide desktop delivery when necessary.
Provide order status and tracking.
Assist customer with technical support.


Business To business matchmaking events

The intent of such events is to promote diversity, facilitate networking and create opportunities among small businesses and corporate entities.  

Our Focus:

   Work with the software firm to develop the form for Supplier to complete in its system.

Manage timeline from development of form to distribution of scheduling.

  Communicate via email or phone simultaneously with 80-250 small, diverse firms as well as with 60-80 corporate companies.

  Create and distribute matchmaking schedules.

 Manage Matchmaking Event check-in and dispatch. 

 Monitor event no-shows and cancellations. 

 Track statistics for sessions completed. 

 Provide comprehensive statistical and qualitative feedback report. 


White glove services

Pos Mis, Inc. provides  start to finish solutions. We provide meticulous care, attention and service.  You create the PO and we will do the rest.  

Our Focus:

  Place the order
Pick up product or equipment
Remove old product or equipment
Assemble and install new product or equipment

Provide operating instructions.
Dispose of packaging materials
Perform quality check